Professor of Law at the University of Geneva Lawyer at the Bars of Bern and Paris Expert in international human rights

Professor of Law at the University of Geneva
Lawyer at the Bars of Bern and Paris
Expert in international human rights

Practice areas

International human rights law

Medical law

Legal reasoning and logic

Pedagogy in the teaching of law

Prof. Petr MUZNY

After defending his doctoral thesis in 2004 on the principle of proportionality before the European human rights judge, Petr Muzny successfully completed his agrégation in law and was appointed Professor of Public Law at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc in 2006.

He was also appointed Professor of Law at the University of Geneva in 2010, where he still practices. His preferred areas of teaching and research include legal reasoning and logic, medical law and pedagogy in the teaching of law. His favourite subject is human rights.

Professor Muzny is the author of dozens of published articles and numerous other publications in both French and English.

Maître Petr Muzny

As a human rights lawyer, Petr Muzny has been called upon to intervene in many countries before international courts and national supreme courts to defend persons whose human rights have been violated.

Furthermore, he has pleaded before both the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (2010) and the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (2018), which is a privilege that few lawyers in Europe have had in the course of their career. He has also pleaded before the Constitutional Court of Belgium (2019), the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden (2013/2017) and the Swiss Federal Court (2009).

Over the years he has handled dozens of important cases before the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

As an expert in international human rights law, he was called upon to intervene as an amicus curiae in one of the most high-profile cases in South Korea on the right of conscientious objectors to refuse to perform military service (2019). More recently, he presented the results of his expertise before the Constitutional Court of Ecuador on the scope of protection to be afforded to indigenous rights (2020).

He handles most of his cases in English and French. However, in the course of his career he has worked on cases in Italian, Spanish, Czech and Arabic.

Personal info

In 1993 Petr Muzny was French volleyball champion (junior). He still keeps fit by doing many sports such as marathon running, trail running and cycling.